Webhostingpad Honest Review : Plans and Hosting solutions!

Webhostingpad Honest Review : Plans and Hosting solutions!


Webhostingpad is one of the cheapest and reliable web hosting companies in the world which helps in delivering a very good performance. People who use Webhostingpad have always given good reviews about this host and they use it not only for its less price and great features, but also for the extensive service that they extend to all its clients and customers. Webhostingpad delivers a good web hosting performance with the help of good packages structured under this web host. The main center is located in Torrance, CA and has been providing best hosting solutions to all its clients. This hosting company provides online demos of their cPanel as well as their site builder and are available 24/7/365 days for all the customers.

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Cheapest in the hosting industry

This web host has been known widely for delivering a reliable web hosting performance with the help of great features like cPanel, WordPress blog and CMS plugins. Also, the pricing of this host is affordable and is worthy enough for all the features that it provides us.

Great Uptime and Money back guarantee

Webhostingpad provides 99.9% server uptime along with 30-day money back guarantee. The web host has mentioned that if in case any customer is dissatisfied with the web host’s performance, they will receive a full refund.

Customer support team, Kudos!

The customer support team of Webhostingpad is really helpful and they are ready to extend all sorts of help and assistance related to web hosting. All the issues and problems regarding the website hosting will be solved in no time and the team is available for 24/7/365 days.


This web hosting company is completely transparent about everything that they offer. They don’t make use of any pricing tactics which are misleading and do not hide about nay resources and features. Also, the operation of the sites hosted under Webhostingpad is extremely simple and user-friendly.

Control Panel

Webhostingpad offers us with the latest and the fresh version of cPanel. It is extremely user-friendly and the people who are using it can easily administer everything included in the account. It has organized menu display, sidebar which displays everything that is crucial in the website, easy to use site-builder and also various programming scripts. The customer who is using this cPanel also has full control over the domain names, email accounts and many more.

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Hosting Plans

  • Simple Shared Hosting Plans include all the essentials for a good website. It comes with features like free backups and SSL certificate. It also has a popular website builder called Weebly which comes with drag and drop interface. If you pay a nit more, you will get extra features like member registration, free domain and unlimited pages. You can be absolutely assured about 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Optimized WordPress Hosting Plans is not as cheap as Shared hosting but the optimizations under this plan will make your website hosting experience easier. This plan provides us with WordPress specialized cPanel and also extended support from the experts. You can be totally assured of the website’s security as it will be protected against all kinds of cyber threats and malware. A CDN is also available which will look into it.
  • Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting Plans provides the users with more room for their website operations. This plan is more powerful comparatively and does all the jobs that a dedicated server will do at a cheaper cost. If you are trying to operate just the website just for the blogging purpose, the above-mentioned plans are more than sufficient.

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Cons of using Webhostingpad

  • Speed is an issue here. Sometimes the websites hosted under Webhostingpad perform average due to low speed. This can harm the goodwill of the company because speed of the website is a major element considered in the growth of business.
  • Since other web hosts have dedicated hosting facility, Webhostingpad is yet to offer us with dedicated hosting. Websites which are intended to reach great heights with the help of heavy online traffic, require dedicated hosting in order to grow. Likewise, big businesses require dedicated hosting. This is also one disadvantage.



Webhostingpad is not recommended for big enterprises and full-fledged company websites. The speed of the servers is low and that can be an issue for the operation of the website. This web host is suitable for those who are looking out for a cheap web hosting company and also for those who are fine with average performance of the website.

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