Top 6 On Page SEO Techniques

Top 6 On Page SEO Techniques

Are you one of those people who are just planning to begin with blog posting and various other things that run on a website for a while but have no clue about what SEO is? Well, you have come to the right place then. In this article we will be discussing about SEO and SEO related activities that are must to consider.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, where one construct your web pages and implement techniques that would help the website rank better at the search engine result pages. For more traffic, higher rankings are the key.

SEO is further classified into On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, in this article we will be highlighting On Page SEO techniques

Best On-Page SEO Techniques, Checklist & Factors For 2020

Page Titles

Ensure that each of your pages and posts have a unique title, include the main keywords for the particular page in the title for better ranking. Page titles are the most important SEO factors for a website to rank higher.

Meta Descriptions

Many people neglect meta description but you shouldn’t be one of those as meta descriptions are another important place to include the keywords of your content.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are also a place where keywords can be included. Use relevant keywords of the content that you have researched well about. For WordPress website, prefer using plug-in called “All In One SEO Pack”, it will enter all the meta keywords, meta description and the page title at the bottom of each posts.

URL Structure

Apparently, short URL’s have been witnessed to perform better in the search engine result pages. Also, you can include the targeted keywords for better performance. In short, search engine friendly URL’s have been highly recommended.

Image SEO

Ensure using images within the content to make your website visually appealing. The images can help to improve the SEO of the website. Include alt texts and descriptions for the images.

Keyword Density

The density of the keywords is very important as it helps search engines understand what is your content all about. Keep the keyword density to roughly 2-5%. Do not over use the keywords, it might backfire. Instead, try using LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords for optimizing your content better.

To conclude, the above listed 6 techniques are some of the best ways to improve the On Page SEO. To know more about the same, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

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