KnownHost Web hosting review : Performance with Affordability!

KnownHost Web hosting review : Performance with Affordability!


If you are into a business where website plays a major role in attracting a greater number of clients and customers, then you must make sure that your company is using the best web host for your website management. Knownhost is a much popular web hosting provider across the globe. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive web hosting company as your site’s web host. KnownHost is a small but professional company and they take VPS hosting very seriously. They only believe in delivering their customers and clients with the best results and hence try using KnownHost for your business websites. This company provides 5 types of hosting services and those are Shared hosting, Managed hosting, VPS server, Reseller hosting and Cloud hosting. This Knownhost Review might help you to decide whether to choose this web host or not!

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Knownhost Features

Knownhost is a reputed and a very professional web hosting company known for its best features and advantages that you can gain as its user. They provide great services at a lower cost comparatively and is extremely reliable. Reputed companies are ardent users of Knownhost web hosting and they swear by it. Some of the amazing features are listed below-

  • Very fast and super-responsive cPanel.
  • You have complete privacy on the domain that you choose and this offer is for lifetime.
  • Best uptime guarantee and smooth functioning of the websites.
  • Amazing customer support and the team is available 24/7 to take care of your issues and queries.
  • SSD and fully Managed Hosting.
  • You can set up this host without spending any extra bucks. It is absolutely free.
  • KnownHost offers you with free and easy set up as well as hassle-free migration.
  • Various features available for making your website function in the grandest way possible.
  • USA-based support really works hard for the upliftment of the web host company.
  • The best VPS hosting provider in the Web Hosting industry.
  • 9% uptime guarantee. No lagging and robust speed of the sites.
  • The company is completely transparent about its prices and fees. There are no hidden charges applied on whatever plan or package you choose for your website.

KnownHost Review: Host Uptime Record / Pros & Cons / Expert Review

Cons of using Known Host

  • There is no windows hosting feature available. In order to make use of it, you need to choose Linux.

VPS Hosting under Knownhost

KnownHost has the best VPS hosting provider in the entire web hosting industry. They usually aim at small as well as large businesses and ensure that these firms get the best out of VPS and Dedicated hosting. There are three datacentres of this hosting company which are situated in three different locations. KnownHost hosts websites from over 150 countries and provides the best managed VPS hosting services to its users and clients.

KnownHost on Twitter: "Our virtual private servers are built on some of the  fastest, most dependable solid state drives in the world. You'll enjoy  high-speed SSD performance that outpaces the competition! See

Dedicated Web hosting under Knownhost

Knownhost is very popular for its dedicated web hosting services. This ensures you with reliable and high performance along with extra storage facilities. When you compare dedicated hosting with shared and VPS hosting solutions, the dedicated hosting is far better.

If you think that the price of dedicated hosting is high, you can simply use the Knownhost Coupon code which will apparently reduce the entire amount you need to pay. Read on for its great uses and features-

  • Its completely managed and under control of the supervision team.
  • There are many packages available which allow customizations.
  • Free migration options are available under dedicated hosting.
  • There is no need to remind yourself for any kind of updates. Auto update feature of dedicated hosting will completely take care of it.

KnownHost Review: Host Uptime Record / Pros & Cons / Expert Review

Pricing and Plans under KnownHost


Web Hosting


SSD-Powered VPS




Dedicated Servers










High performance due to secure cloud architecture. Powered by LiteSpeed Webserver


SSD virtual private servers provide increased speed along with less cost of dedicated server


Highest Cloud Performance along with SSD with maximum uptime and automatic updates


The most powerful package of all. Keep your website running all day. Custom packages are available.


Final Verdict

Knownhost is best known for high security configuration. There are some best security features which the company extends to all its users. Undoubtedly, Knownhost provides a great web hosting platform too. It is one of the trustworthy companies in the web hosting industry and provides domain solutions at a lower cost. You can actually think about choosing this web host for your purposes.

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