Is Wix a powerful web host?

Is Wix a powerful web host?

Getting Started

There are many popular website builders in this world of website formation and web hosting. Wix is one of them. Before you choose any web host or website builder, it is really important for you as a webmaster to do a thorough check on the pros and cons of all the hosting companies so that you don’t regret later. This article can help you in many ways in understanding how far Wix website builder can go in order to make your site look the best and unique. Talking about Wix, it is not just a drag and drop website builder but is capable enough to run and entire ecommerce website.

Wix website builder helps in customizing your website in whatever way you wish for. There is no need to apply coding or programming languages like Java or HTML in order to get your job done. Web designers just love Wix and you will know why!

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About the Company and Number of active users!

The reputation of a particular company is really important in order to ensure constant growth and development. Hence before choosing a web host and a website building company for your sites, you must check out the company’s goodwill and what name and reputation do they carry in the business world. As you are building a website, you will have lots of discrete information in the site which are not supposed to be disclosed. All these data need to kept secured, protected and managed by your website building company.

Wix is a good company when it comes to data management, protection and security purposes. It is completely reliable and secures your information like no one else. Also, the total number of visits and engagement visiting this website builder site is 43 million! The number is huge and thus it proves that the company is worth looking out for.

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Pros of using Wix

  • The website editor is very user friendly and easy to use and manage.
  • The features which come handy, are really powerful and helps in adding more and more creativity to your site.
  • This is the best option for all the bloggers out there. If you are not using Wix for your blogs, what are you doing then?
  • There are no transaction fees included in the entire process. It is free of cost. Exciting!

Cons of using Wix

  • It is not possible for you to change the templates whenever you wish to.
  • There are certain limits on the bandwidth when you choose the low-end plans or the beginner plans.
  • Customer support is not interesting and supportive. You need to struggle a bit in order to get connected with the support team.
  • Ecommerce store facilities doesn’t come along when you choose basic or starter plans which are free.

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Pricing and Plans under Wix

For websites related:

First priority support Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Personal Use Most basic
$4.41/mo. $2.51/mo. $1.70/mo. $1.09/mo.
·       unlimited bandwidth

·       20GB storage

·       Free domain for 1 year

·       Professional logo

·       Social media logo files

·       VIP support

·       Unlimited bandwidth

·       10GB storage

·       Remove Wix ads

·       1 video hour

·       Site booster app

·       Video analytics app

·       2GB bandwidth

·       3GB storage

·       Connect your domain

·       Free domain for 1 year

·       30 video minutes

·       1GB bandwidth

·       500MB storage

·       Connect your domain


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Wix templates and website building features are capable to make your site great-looking and more powerful. Most of us might not be convinced about using Wix due to lack of great support from the customer support team because big websites require extensive support during any kind of breakdown. If the company rectifies this issue, Wix can be an unbeatable player in the business as it owns some strong core features.

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