Is Hostwinds A Good Option?

Is Hostwinds A Good Option?

Hostwinds has been in the web hosting industry from over a decade giving touch competition to the other webhosting providers like GoDaddy, DreamHost and BlueHost. In this article, we have curated the major reasons that has helped Hostwinds stand out against their competitors. Have a look;

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Website builder

With Hostwinds as your web hosting platform you will know more have to look for a professional web developer to help you build a professional looking website Hostwinds DIY website builder will let you build excellent looking website without any previous coding experience.

Faster loading speed

The website loading speed has the potential to decide whether or not your website will be ranked over the search engine results pages Lo website loading speed will increase the bounce rate which will eventually decrease your website ranking in over the search engine results pages that before considering the importance of fast loading websites hosted and is known for offering speed up to five hundred percent the major reason behind the increase in speed is due to the solid state driver’s which are integrated with all the hosting plans provided by the company. The performance optimised MySQL databases and the litespeed web server on which the websites hosted other are the reasons for the fast loading speed of the website the better the loading speed of your website is, the higher your website ranking will be over the search engine results pages

Domain and enterprise email

hospital is also known for providing domain registration services to the clients. the shared hosting plans comes with a free domain name other company will enable you to register a new domain as well as it will help you transfer or renew the existing domain name additionally are the enterprise email accounts are also provided by Hostwinds which is valuable for businesses in need of email accounts accompanied with the domain name that are already in use. multiple plants are now available and the best option for you depends upon the number of email accounts that you will be requiring based on the nature of your business

Technical support and customer service

You never know what my cross your way or at what time you might need help and so to help you resolve your issues instantly host wins technical supporting will be at your service for 24/7 you can get in touch with them for any of the questions comments or concerns they are available to you via live chat calling and a support ticket the average response time of flight status 30 seconds the average call whole time is 10 seconds and the average response time for ticketing is 3 minutes which is remarkable for basic knowledge can even consult the knowledge base guidelines and tutorials to see if there is information that can be of any help to you

To conclude

Hostwinds ensure that the clients have an hassle-free experience while walking on their platform if you ever find that you have outgrown your hosting plan then you can easily switch to one of the company is more premium options the company offers is customer support helping you are sure that someone will be around to help you whenever you are in need of it

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