Interserver offers Price Lock Guarantee?

Interserver offers Price Lock Guarantee?

Interserver is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the Industry today offering wide range of hosting plans which includes shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting at reasonable pricing. Listed below are the major features behind the success of this company

Website loading speed

considering the fact about how important fast loading website is the horse papa servers are remarkably fast with 3 into server performance 8 crores and minimum of 32GB Ram

For faster delivery of content to the user’s horse papa include the free cloud flare content delivery network which is known for offering rapid spread to the users from all around the world cloud fare has about 154 data centers spread all across the world in order to speed up the content delivery irrespective of the location of the customers

SSL Certificates

To sell products online SSL certificate plays a vital role is specially for the small businesses Yes Papa has been into partnership with globalsign photo is a need to purchase a certificate for their businesses

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Interserver is known for providing heavily secured facilities featuring biometric entry points HBSE unit and redundant power and to provide you a hassle-free experience interserver is known for claiming a 99% uptime guarantee 100% of power up time

Daily signup limit

Interserver do not compromise with the customers satisfaction and so giving them utmost priority the company restrict the number of daily subscriptions to maximum of hundred the limit is to ensure that the company meet the needs of all the existing customers and the new users as well

Free website migration

If you’re unhappy with your current web hosting service provider then you know more have to worry about the switching of hosting platforms as inters of a provides a free website migration facilities for your current host to inter server also you can cut down your expenses or website migration by opting into server as your new hosting platform

Customer support

the technical support team of inter server is available for 24×7 all year round to help you resolve your issues and answer to all your queries You can get in touch with them by your phone support email support and live chat. And the support team has reflected in numerous positive testimonies assuring that they guarantee excellence support to their clients

Launch in 3 days

inter server is one of those rare web hosting companies promising you to launch your website within 3 days of time period. also they offered a month-to-month contract with a 30-day money by guarantee. You can claim your money backĀ  If you had unsatisfied with the services provided by the company.

Price lock guarantee

One of the greatest advantage of opting Interserver as a web hosting platform is the company’s price log guarantee policy. this means that the monthly fee that you agree on when signing for the entire server hosting plan will be the same fee for your entire lifetime as a customer therefore you will never have to worry about the hosting price rise ever again

To conclude

Inter server is a solid package of great up time wide range of a string client’s meeting the needs of businesses of each size along with reasonable pricing and advanced features ensuring that they give complete what to what you pay for

To know more about Interserver stay connected to us thank you for your time

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