Fatcow Hosting Features 2022

Fatcow Hosting Features 2022

Fatcow, the web hosting company started from small and over the time has emerged to be one of the most successful web hosting service provider. In this article we have curated the list of primary reasons for opting Fatcow has your web hosting provider.

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Money back guarantee

Not satisfied with the services? You can claim your money back with the first 30 days of your hosting plan purchase. Like every other web hosting provider, Fatcow is also known for providing 30 day money back guarantee policy moreover they monitor the service for 24 by 7 in order to quickly solve any unexpected problems and provide a hassle-free experience to the users however if you are still doubtful whether or not the hosting plan that you have opted will meet your needs then feel free to claim your money back

Secure checkouts taken care of

Fatcow web hosting is known for supporting credit Card processing via paypal also e commerce security will be taken care of by the most trusted commando extended SSL validation and positive SSL certificates additional fat cover is also known for supporting that d o b integration allowing you to access over 1.5 million products which can be sold on to the website you will no more have to worry about the inventory management as well as shipping when working with Fatcow

VDeck Control Panel

breaking the stereotype of providing the industry standard three panel fatcow has come up with the vedic hosting control panel which is as easy as see panel it can easily BN stunt what makes Vedic unique is that it provides the detailed information and is indeed one of the most professional tool to use in order to handle the learning curves

Multiple site builder tiers

Likewise weebly, Wix  and various other drag and drop website builder fatcow also offers a website builder which is further categorised into three plants namely the free plan professional and the business plan the letter to include the ability to embed the HD video custom favicons in Google analytics integration. Setting up a website is very much quick and easy with fat cows site builder and to create a website you will have to login to the fatcow control panel click on the website builder icon choose the get started button pic the domain name of your website and click the continue option you will then be able to browser with the 600 plus templates to choose the right one based upon your business needs you can then easily preview the templates and once decided the website build application will launch it post then your website will be ready to edit. moreover fatca was website builder include search engine optimisation tools in order to help you build a SEO friendly website to improve the ranking of a website over the search engine results pages

Customer support

Seek help every time you are stuck with issues are confused with the working of the website with the expert team of fat cow they are open 24/7 to help you guide through you can get in touch with them why are telephone support and chat service also the website includes well stocked knowledge base and a wide range of user guides low premium support services provided however free support is available for all of the Fatcow’s customers. The company is known for their “HeiferCratic Oath” stating that the phone calls within 2 minutes of time period and also solve the problems during that particular call which is very much impressive to consider

The minimoo plan

minimum is one of the most unique and a basic small domain parking plan helping you create one single page website the cost is similar to a cup of tea moreover it charges no additional fee for setups also there are no hidden cost. Also, you will get a free email account for free of cost

Fatcow services is unique amd as rememberable just as a name you can completely rely on their services and features in order to get your website on search engine results pages. To know more about Fatcow, stay connected to us thank you for your time

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