FastComet Web Hosting- Good or Bad Choice?

FastComet Web Hosting- Good or Bad Choice?

Fastcomet Hosting is one of the most secure and user-friendly providers of web hosting for the year 2020. But is it just hype or is it actually the reality? Well, we want to let you know all about FastComet knowledge and we are talking about all the advantages and drawbacks that we witnessed while evaluating the performance of FastComet Web Hosting Plans

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User Control Area FastComet cPanel

Customer management of the FastComet online service company allows customers, regardless of the system used, to conveniently access accounts, billing, domains and orders from anywhere at any time. You can also access your web hosting services and monitor them on your smartphones to make it easier. It is designed for simple use with all device sizes, so you do not have to deal for difficulties in the control of the cPanel for your tablet or cell telephones. Considering the customer area, even as you drive, it’s easy to seek technical assistance and update applications.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime will either break the website’s credibility and FastComet has really worked hard on this aspect to promise a remarkable 99.99% of the uptime guarantee.

Shared web hosting plan

Fastcomet provides three kinds of shared hosting systems that include FastCloud, FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra as the most preferred choice hosting schedules selected by most of the citizens. Free CDN cacheing, free transfer to the internet, free regular and weekly backups, unrestricted email accounts and MySQL servers, various PHP versions, and the new cPanels will be included in our shared hosting plans. For small scale businesses, shared web hosting plan is an ideal choice to go ahead with

No special service costs

No cut down on your expenses and make savings as FastComet does not charge extra to upgrade any of its hosting contracts. It can be fixed at the very same money you paid during the purchase period.

Security and back-up

A daily and weekly routine for data backup is provided by FastComet Server. They back up all the customer-related files including e-mails and directories for the different storage scheme. These files would definitely be secure, because FastComet makes sure that no file is lost even in the worst storage system loss, as its servers are incredibly powerful. They are capable of avoiding optimum degree of insecure threats.

Lifetime Domain

One of the most notable benefits offered by the FastComet service provider is its lifetime-free domain registration. You will register for a free domain for any hosting contract, and this privileges are valid for the rest of your life.

Support Team
FastComet is an alternative for newcomers with fast responses to customer service. They are open 24 hours a day to help you overcome the challenges. Their support for live chat is the perfect way to respond immediately. The average FastComet customer service team’s response time so far is 3,8 minutes, which is very good. In addition to promoting live chat, their Email support and toll-free numbers are both very useful for users to reach their customer service staff as quickly as possible.

Hope, this article has enlightened you better with regards to the features provided by FastComet web hosting plans. To know more about web hosting, stay connected to us

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